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4 Days in 4 Months Coaching Program

What Results Would You Likely See If You Actively Participated in the Program?

4 Days in 4 Months is a Coaching Program For Established Entrepreneurs & Freelancers Serious About Creating an Abundant & Sustainable 4-Day Work Week Lifestyle.

In this 1-on-1 call, we'll discuss the best path for you to reach your goals.

The Goal of this 20-Minute Call is to Project the Likely Results of you ACTIVELY participating in the program.


  • We'll review your GOALS and the RESULTS you need to see.
  • I'll ask you for some information on your current situation.
  • I'll tell you the Minimum & Maximum Results I believe you'll get if you actively participate in the program (based on my 20+ years experience working with hundreds of entrepreneurs).
  • You'll decide if the program is for you of if another path is best.

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