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Half-Retire with Jim Muehlhausen



Discover how to break free from your business while keeping it running smoothly.

Jim and I discuss Half-Retirement, a process he teaches to help business owners find a middle ground between selling a business to completely retire and never retiring.

It's possible for business owners to delegate work they don't wish to do so they can focus on their "Picasso" work.

It's not quite an exit strategy, but it focuses on maximizing the business valuation to you and your lifestyle, rather than a random investor.



Like most entrepreneurs, Jim Muehlhausen has an eclectic background ranging from CPA, franchisee, attorney, business owner, consultant, franchisor, public speaker, university professor, and book author.
While still attending the Indiana University School of Law, he became the youngest franchisee in Meineke Discount Muffler history (1987-1991). After successfully selling that business,...
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Have Less to Have More by Decluttering Your Balagan with Rebekah Saltzman




When we are not intentional about the things we own, we overspend... which requires us to work more (for something we might not even want).

The extra work requires extra energy (and has other opportunity costs), while other possessions require additional time investments to maintain them.

All this extra investment (or waste) of money, time, and energy can keep us from having time for our most important relationships and our most enjoyable activities.

Learn how you can better enjoy your things and your life by owning less and making sure the things you own are high quality and aligned with your priorities.



Rebekah uses her professional design skills to help her clients create organized and beautiful spaces for themselves and their families.

By helping her clients streamline everything from clothing to...

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Firefight Less & Create More with Profitable Outsourcing - Zsófia Banyai





Hiring a VA (Virtual Assistant) and throwing random tasks is not the most powerful or the most profitable way to free up time.

Delegation can be very powerful, but like any form of leverage, its results multiply.

Zsofia and I discuss how to profitably outsource work so you can spend less time putting out fires and more time doing your genius work.



Zsófia Banyai is the founder of Myprocesses, and she helps busy entrepreneurs to automate and outsource their time consuming tasks without sacrificing their profit.

If you are looking to make the 4 hour work week a reality, or simply avoid burnout, then she has a lot to tell you.

She has degrees in History and Finance plus corporate-world experience that enables her to look at business problems in a different light.

She believes entrepreneurs should not be the employees of their...

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Pay Yourself First with Your Time




Invest your most precious asset (your TIME)...

in your most valued RELATIONSHIPS and ACTIVITIES...

BEFORE you invest your time elsewhere...

to create a happier & fuller life. 

We've been told by financial experts, “pay yourself first” when talking about our money, but how many of us put ourselves first with our time investments?

If we want to experience more fulfillment and enjoyment in our life, we must invest our time in the relationships and activities we value most – before we invest our time elsewhere.

Learn how you can implement this 1 powerful idea with 2 extremely simple questions.

Please make sure to let me know whatever I can do to help you and email me if you like.

All My Best,



Listen to the Podcast Episode on Any of these Platforms

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How to Compete with Giants with Jeroen Corthout



Just because they're bigger, doesn't mean you're out of luck.

Jeroen and I discuss how it’s possible to compete with much larger companies by getting crystal clear on the problem you’re solving for your clients and staying focused. Some key ideas from the interview include...

  1. Find a problem you're passionate about. Don't fall in love with the solution.
  2. Try it, nail it, build it... in that order. Don't skips any steps.
  3. How do you go about building your product and your processes?
  4. How do you make sure you consistently keep building that value?
  5. How do you create a culture that encourages positive growth?



Jeroen is the founder of SalesFlare, a simple yet powerful CRM for small businesses selling B2B (Business To Business) & the Host of the Founder’s Coffee Podcast, where he interviews fellow software company founders.



21:31     Keep Focused...

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Enjoying Your Hustle, Your Side-Hustle, and Your Life with Alex Sanfilippo



It's possible to enjoy the process & journey of being an entrepreneur, not just the results. Alex and I discuss how you can have fun by understanding the natural cycle of adopting new business models while maintaining existing businesses. There's definitely work involved, but there doesn't have to be struggle, anxiety, desperation or overwhelm.



Alex Sanfilippo is the host of Creating a Brand, a top 20 entrepreneurship podcast where he interviews successful leaders and experts on topics that matter to entrepreneurs who want to grow faster both personally and professionally while saving time and money in the process.

He is also the co-founder of PodMatch, a software that uses AI to match podcast guests and ideal podcast hosts.



1:31        Dressing for a 4-Day Work Week

5:55        Be where your feet are


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How Employers Can Safely Offer a 4-Day Work Week Opportunity to Employees




Attract, Retain & Motivate employees with opportunities that allow them to earn additional paid time off.

If you're an employer who's considering offering a 4-Day Work Week or other similar flexible working situation to your employees, it can feel extremely uncertain and financially unwise or scary.

With one simple strategy, you can take a huge amount of the risk out of the equation and ease into this, rather than taking a huge blind leap of faith.

The opportunity for employees to earn more paid vacation makes your job offering more competitive when you recruit top talent.


How Employers Can Safely Offer a 4-Day Work Week to Their Employees

Today, we're going to talk about a very simple conversation that actually gets a lot more complex than it needs to be. When I talk to business owners, and we talk about the idea of a 4-day work week, a lot of them are excited about it for themselves, but they don't seem to...

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Stress Free Money with Chad Willardson



Chad helps help people organize their financial life, clarify their goals & make decisions that lead them to a successful & fulfilling life.

We discuss...

  1. The Best Advice He Ever Received about Success and Money
  2. How to Attract the People You Can Help, and Repel the “Wrong” People
  3. The Most Common and Difficult Financial Decision Entrepreneurs Must Make
  4. How Individuals Can Create Financial Freedom
  5. The Biggest Challenge all Solopreneurs Face
  6. How to Recruit Great People that Attract Ideal Clients
  7. How to Know If Your Feelings are Getting in the Way of Your Judgment
  8. How to Know Whether to Invest More in Your Business or the Market
  9. Insights from his new book - Stress Free Money, and more. 



CHAD WILLARDSON, AWMA®, CRPC® is the president and founder of Pacific Capital, a fiduciary wealth advisory firm he started in 2011 after nine years of climbing the ranks as an investment...

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How Meditation Makes 4-Day Work Weeks Easier


Implement a simple process to decide where to invest your Time, Inspiration, Money and Energy.

As you experience greater levels of success, you will likely experience more opportunities.

The challenge is to decide which ones to pursue and which to politely decline.

Making the decision to work less, focus more, impact more and earn more is an ongoing process - not just a one-time event.

Use this timeless wisdom to continue optimizing your best opportunities and letting go of the others.


Play the related video or keep reading below...




Meditation can make it much easier for you to create a 4-Day Work Week lifestyle.

When you consider the basic premise of working less and making more, much of it involves focusing on your most critical tasks so you can generate the most impact for the people you serve… and ultimately, the greatest income for you.

The goal of FOCUS in work is...

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Create Your Purpose in Business and Life with Nick Davies



Nick and I discuss how to Create Your Purpose in Business and Life.

He has great insight into what motivates people and gets people excited about growth.

Wisdom can be very simple, and Nick communicates great truths very clearly.



Nick Davies is a Master business coach at ProAdvisorCoach.

With 20 years of background in financial services. Originally from London England, Nick has also lived and worked in the Philippines, Florida, New York and now calls Charlotte, NC home.

Over the last 4 years, Nick has shifted his focus and now helps people and businesses through coaching directly. He is a mindset expert, trained through Tony Robbins coaching and is also a certified health coach.



10:00 – The Problem with Being in Your Comfort Zone 

17:20 – What Happens When You Start Moving Towards What You Want 

22:05 – The Value of Coaching & Being Challenged 


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