Avoid Lifestyle Deficit Disorder & Create More Perfect Days with Cokie Berenyi


Are you Suffering from Lifestyle Deficit Disorder™ (LDD)? DISCOVER THE CURE!
  • Are you stressed, exhausted, overworked, and undervalued?
  • Are your friends and family only getting your leftovers?
  • Have you lost sight of your passion and what brings you joy?
  • Are you an entrepreneur and you've lost sight of why you went into business in the first place?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's possible you're suffering from Lifestyle Deficit Disorder™ (LDD).

In this interview, we discuss LDD and how to Create More Perfect Days.


  • Cokie Berenyi is a 20+ year Assest Manager and founder of Alphavest.
  • Cokie helps her clients base their investment decisions around their Perfect Day vision.
  • She has climbed 5 of the 7 major mountain summits of the world. (Some with her daughters, as early as 9 years old).
  • She founded the She Climbs, a non-profit that takes girls and young women on mountain climbing expeditions.
  • “As a new mother of two girls, I was terrified of all that could go wrong with raising girls. It was very clear to me that the key to successfully raising them was to do everything I could to build their self-esteem and confidence.”



2:30 - Making Perfect Days Really Simple by Leveraging Gratitude

6:00 - Death, Divorce & Rehab (When the Endless Pursuit of Money Isn't Everything)

9:45 - The Addict's Answer to "How Much Money Do You Want to Make?"

15:00 - What Most Entrepreneurs Say They Love Most About Their Work

18:00 - Signs that You Might Have "Lifestyle Deficit Disorder" (Not an official Psychological Disorder, by the way... it's a concept).

20:50 - "Pay Yourself First With Life"

22:15 - The 411 Strategy to Achieve a Perfect Day 

30:35 - The Asset that Asset Management Clients Value Most

39:45 - Learn from Other People's ER (Emergency Room) Moments

43:30 - What the Wealthiest People Know About Happiness that Most People Don't

48:45 - The Problems that Come with Success

53:00 - Guaranteed ROI Investments

54:15 - The Hilarious & "Inappropriate" Original Title for her Book (rejected by the publishing company)

56:00 - The AWESOME Sacrifice she made for her daughters (a huge gift)

57:40 - Why she works a 4-day work week



  • Cokie's Original Book Title (at 54:15)
  • "Sometimes you do what you love, and the money follows. Sometimes you do what you love, and your kid vomits on you."







Essentialism by Greg McKeown

The Strategic Coach Program

  • Cokie and I met in this program.
  • Dan Sullivan and their team are FIRST CLASS.

 The Book referenced was The Gap and the Gain




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