Have You Decided to Start Working a 4-Day Work Week Yet?


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Have you decided to start working a 4-Day Work Week yet?

It’s not going to happen if you never choose it. At some point we all decide to do certain things (brush our teeth, take a walk, buy a car, get a job).

The absolute first step to the entire journey is to make up your mind that you’re going to do it. It might take a while to get it done, but almost nothing happens until you make up your mind.

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Have you decided that you're going to work a 4-Day Work Week yet?

All Goals Are a Choice

One of the things people seem to forget is that working a 4-Day Work Week or any other desirable schedule, or any other goal in life, needs to be a choice.

Some people will say it needs to happen in the mind first, that you need to envision it. But whether you even get to envision it or not, at some point you've got to decide.

That’s not to say it has to be a very dramatic decision. At some point, didn’t you decide you were going to get a job? In the morning, don’t you decide that you're going to brush your teeth? Everything from the most complex decision to the most simple decision still needs to happen in order for you to move forward with something.

So many people I talk to about working a 4-Day Week remind me of where I used to be. They have tons of reasons why it's not possible.

They tell me about their bills, they tell me about their obstacles, they tell me about the market and what's going on. They tell me about the negative things they're hearing on the news. They tell me about all these different bits of information, and they can give me detailed analysis of markets and industries and incomes and sectors and searches they've made, but they haven't yet decided.

If You Don’t Decide to Do It, It Won’t Happen

If you think about it, whether you have a great friendship, whether you’re married, or doing anything that you really find worth doing, at some point you decided to do that.

Let’s take an example. Say Joey is dating Susie, but Joey’s not really ready to commit yet. Maybe he's too young, maybe he's not sure. In other words, Joey hasn't decided if he wants to marry Susie. That doesn't mean that if Joey decides, it's going to happen for sure: Susie might not want to get married, or something else can happen. But he hasn't even asked yet. And if Susie also hasn't decided to ask Joey, then it will never happen.

The thing that is so important here is that we do all of this analysis, all of this coaching, all of these different tools I'm sharing with you are important, but they are worthless until you've decided that you're going to work a 4-Day Work Week.

That doesn’t mean you're going to know exactly when it's going to happen. You're going to have to work for it. But at the end of the day, if you don't decide, it's never going to happen.


It Might Take You Some Time...

It's like that old story, maybe you've heard it. A man is talking to a woman, and the woman says, "You know I'm not sure if I'm going to get my doctoral degree. I’m 45, and it will take me 10 years, so by the time I’ve finished, I’ll be 55 years old." And the man says, "Well how old will you be in 10 years if you don't get your doctoral degree? You'll be 55."

In my case, it took me 22 years after having left college to get to where I could consistently work a 4-Day Work Week on a regular basis, and have it more than 95% of the time throughout the year and do it for year after year. That's what it took me. But it's so worth it.

Your own ideal schedule might not be a 4-Day Work Week, and that’s fine. Maybe you want to have more time off during the summer because you have kids or you want to travel. Whatever it looks like, at some point you have to decide.

...But It Starts with a Decision

Now I'm going to ask you, have you decided yet?

If you've decided, set a target date for it. Even if you don't hit it, you'll have a target date to work towards, and a deadline. When that date comes, either you'll be doing it, or if you're not, you can figure out what you need to do next to get there. But set that goal, make that decision, and set that date.

If you've set that date, please leave me a note in the comments section below to let me know you've done that. It's not going to happen until you make this decision. Making the decision does not guarantee it, but not making the decision just about guarantees it won't happen.

I hope this serves you well. If you have any questions at all, let me know. In the meantime, to get started once you've made your decision, go to 4daygameplan.com, where you can start working on your plan to create your 4-Day Work Week.

If you need anything, let me know.

As always, I look forward to helping you make more money in less time, doing what you do best.


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