How Meditation Makes 4-Day Work Weeks Easier


Implement a simple process to decide where to invest your Time, Inspiration, Money and Energy.

As you experience greater levels of success, you will likely experience more opportunities.

The challenge is to decide which ones to pursue and which to politely decline.

Making the decision to work less, focus more, impact more and earn more is an ongoing process - not just a one-time event.

Use this timeless wisdom to continue optimizing your best opportunities and letting go of the others.


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Meditation can make it much easier for you to create a 4-Day Work Week lifestyle.

When you consider the basic premise of working less and making more, much of it involves focusing on your most critical tasks so you can generate the most impact for the people you serve… and ultimately, the greatest income for you.

The goal of FOCUS in work is to invest your best and highest levels of energy in one area rather than all over the place.

Meditation is possibly the greatest tool to help you get centered on what you should be doing and where you should be putting your attention.



Depending on your view of the world, you might call this “prayer”, or you might say, "When I meditate, I include God or divine force or the universe". In my experience, that’s, even better. I suggest that whether this is something you believe is divinely inspired, or it's simply your intuition, your inner voice (or whatever you want to call it), this can help you eliminate obstacles or at least postpone things that aren't aligned with your current timing.

This conversation addresses our spiritual dimension. We talk sometimes about there being body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Many (or possibly most) business people, in traditionally what's called the “Western” world, are very focused on our Mental & Physical Dimensions. We do a lot in those areas.

We use our mind to do what we call “hustle,” and we physically do things. We might even evoke emotions and passion or get people behind missions.

That can be great, but once you start talking about mission and purpose, you start moving from passion (which can be a symptom of having a really good mission) to the cause of that passion - the mission itself.



That mission has a spiritual component to it that inspires action. It connects with our “WHY” and our reasons for doing what we do.

By the word “spiritual”, I do not mean in a religious sense to any particular tradition. I’m referring to that intangible part of us that we’ve only partially defined (and don’t fully understand) that activates our commitment to something that serves the world and transcends our individual needs and interests.



Meditation allows us to tune in to that wiser “voice” or intuition within us for guidance.

Some claim meditation is simply a person getting quiet enough to hear that voice within, and that’s very possible.

As somebody who has meditated and prayed for decades, holds a master's degree in mental health counseling psychology, and has worked with people in a therapeutic counseling relationship, my experience has shown me that meditation can work for those who believe the clarity and guidance received during meditation comes from a divine force and those who don’t.

So this is not about following a particular religious tradition though, that might help you.

Meditation is simply getting quiet and getting clear about what’s most important to you, how you plan to take action, or whatever other guidance you need.

If there's a time during the week, when you do your planning or when you prepare for your day, meditation can help you quiet your mind and get clear about what’s most important and also open your mind to hear something different, if you need that.



(You can listen to this on the video above. It starts at 3:36).

I’d like to walk you through a guided meditation exercise.

Please make sure you're in a safe place and not driving or moving, as I'm about to ask you to close your eyes. If you can't do this, wait to do it later.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and slowly release that… and take another deep breath in and slowly release that… and take one more deep breath in and slowly release that.

If you practice some sort of spiritual practice, or if there's some historical figure that you look up to for inspiration, you can (if you want) invite that person, that being, that divine energy to guide you in this.

Allow your thoughts (as far as what needs to happen today) to just kind of go to the background. Let them kind of dissipate, or if you could imagine turning down the volume on them, we'll get to them in a little bit.

Now just ask that voice within…

what's the most important thing you can do today to create greater impact for the people you serve…

and a greater income for you…

in the least amount of time…

and allow whatever answers there are to come up for you.

And if a couple things that come up, just let them kind of sort themselves out.

Don't focus as much on trying to figure something out.

Just let things sort themselves out as if you were watching a movie…

and allow the best idea, the best thing, the most important thing you need to do, let that surface, let that voice get louder. Let that come to the top. However that looks or feels for you.



  • Now think about what could you get done today to make significant progress on that?
    • You might not get it all done today, but what could you do today?
    • What's a piece of it that you could do?
    • And what sort of positive impact would come from that?
  • What results for the people you serve would come from that?
    • How would that make their lives better?
  • How would that help you deliver better?
  • And how does that help you generate more income and create a better lifestyle that you enjoy outside of work, by getting more results in less time?

Now allow yourself to mentally take the other things that are important…

but don't need to be done today…

and allow yourself to mentally kind of just push them towards tomorrow or the next day.

Allow them to move to the background and think about…

  • How much time do you need to make this progress on this project today?
  • And when are you going to make that progress? (What time specifically).
  • How will you know when you're done with today's work?
    • Is it a certain time commitment?
    • Or will you work until you reach a certain milestone?
    • Or if it might take you a little longer, how will you know when you're finished with that project for today?

Allow yourself to see how today's progress is contributing to the greater result that you're looking to create – the bigger project, the bigger outcome.

And when you're ready, thank that inner voice (if it guided you) or the divine voice or whoever it was that inspired you… and slowly open your eyes

Now write down whatever came up for you that’s important, and bring that into today's work.



This can be so helpful if you use it simply because as entrepreneurs, we very often have 3 to 10 to 30 ideas of what we want to do...

And our brain is excited about all of them.

It's figuring them out.

Our emotions get excited about countless new ideas and possibilities, but physically we can't keep up.

It's just not possible to implement all our ideas effectively if we lack focus.

There's a mental energy that we start losing, which reduces the quality of our focus and our decisions.

I invite you to consider that even if you have 10 to 20 huge objectives you want to get done, they don't have to be done all at once.



What meditation helps you leverage a greater sense of focus and wisdom to create and align your action plans with your most important goals, and what's going to make the biggest impact.

You can balance your game plans, strategy and goals with a greater sense of wisdom, focus and perspective.

I’m blessed to have been introduced to meditation by my mother actually decades ago. Over the years, countless teachers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, successful actors, and others have recognized and commented about what a big impact meditation can make on our focus, our ability to be creative and generate greater results, and our lives.



If you'd like additional information on a program that can help you go deeper into this, click here to learn about the free online coaching course, "God Can Be Your Coach at Work."  It helps people who want to incorporate greater divine energy and inspiration in their work.

I hope you find this helpful. If there's anything I can do for you as always, please let me know. And as always look forward to helping you make more money, in less time, doing what you do best, so you can better enjoy your family, your friends and your life.

Thank you.



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