Moving to a 4-Day Work Week One Month at a Time


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If you’re an entrepreneur making the money you need to be making, you can probably get to a 4-day Work Week in a year or less.

Many clients I’ve worked with have been able to do this when it’s a priority. And others, who aren’t yet making their desired income, can still start reducing time invested in low impact / low income activities.

Then they can reinvest some of that time in their business and some of it can be freed up for family, friends and fun. Are you ready to start doing this?

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Could you move to a 4-Day Work Week within a year?

If you're an entrepreneur already making the income you need to make, you could probably be working a 4-Day Work Week in less than a year. Some of the clients I've worked with have got there in less than 3 months.

Making Progress

Before you get into your doubts, and your what-ifs and what-could-bes, just remember at some point you made a certain amount of income and now you make more. If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably used to work for someone else, and now you don't. If you're currently an employee, you used not to have a job, now you do. It’s all just a matter of making progress.

If you really want to simplify this process, and you can even skip all the coaching programs we have and you can do something very simple. First, decide you're going to do it, and then for the next 12 months, just work one hour less on a weekly basis.

Doing the Math

For example, let's say you're working 40 hours a week currently, and within the next year you’d like to be working a 4-Day Work Week.

So, in the first month, work 39 hours a week. Month 2, work 38 hours a week, and then 37 hours a week, and 36, and 35, and eventually after 12 months, you'll find you're working 28 hours a week. 28 divided by 4 is a 7 hour work day. It's really that simple.

Of course, if you're working more hours, you’ll need to either take more months if you take off an hour each month, or start taking more than 1 hour off each month. Whatever it is, you will slowly start figuring out how to make the same amount of money in slightly less time and, over time, start banking that time and planning fun, exciting, and interesting things for you to do with you, your loved ones, your friends.


Bank Your Free Hours

Getting the results takes some time, but think about it: At some point you figured out how to make more money, how to get more productive, and more profitable. And yet, instead of reducing their hours, most people decide to just continue working the same hours and make more money.

But what if you go in the other direction? What about if you say, “You know what? I can now make the same amount of income in 39 hours, so I'm going to bank an hour of free time for myself.” It can be that simple.

Of course, everyone’s situation is different, and maybe you can’t make it happen in a year. That’s fine! Maybe you could do aim for 1 hour less every 3 months, in which case it would take you 3 years to get there.

Maybe you like to take things slow and steady and be really certain. Even if you aim to work 1 hour less every year, you could still have a 4-Day Work Week in 12 years.  

Is a 4-Day Work Week Your Priority?

Whatever you decide, think about this: Can you figure out if working fewer hours is important to you? Think about what you could be doing with that extra time. What could you be doing with an extra day every week for the rest of your life? You could just have free time, or volunteer, give back, spend with family and friends, start hobbies, or whatever it is that motivates you.

The first step is to start working towards that goal, and to set your deadline. If you've done that and you're serious about that, please put that in the comments section and let me know. Where are you going to be? Is it going to be 12 months, 12 quarters, 12 years, or something else?

The Next Step

If you need any help with what we spoke about today, go to, where I'll share with you the 4-Day Work Week Game Plan to help you start mapping out how you can get there.

I hope this episode has helped you. If you have any questions, just let me know.

As always, I look forward to helping you make more money in less time doing what you do best.


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