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4-Day Business Owners communicate a powerful mission to attract & mentor superstars while optimizing delegation & personal lifestyle.

There are 4 specific skills they master to make this succeed consistently...

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Hi, Wade Galt here, author of Put Your Money Where Your Soul Is and creator of the 4-Day Work Week coaching program where we help people, entrepreneurs and small business owners move towards creating a four-day work week lifestyle..

In this video series, we've talked about the 4-Day Work Week Journey.  This is the fifth video of the series of five. If you've not seen the other videos, I invite you to watch them as well.

We talked about this journey consisting of four primary steps: being a 4-Day Apprentice, then a 4-Day Worker, a 4-Day Entrepreneur, and ultimately a 4-Day Business Owner.

The 4-Day Apprentice stage is all about making the most of what you already have without changing jobs. Making sure you're taking the best and making the most of the relationships you currently have and the time you have available to enjoy those relationships and activities that you can. Making the most of the money you currently have and not having things become an obstacle to you enjoying life.

The 4-Day Worker focuses on personal productivity, making more money and being worth more. Value creation is the heart of this, which leads to greater results for the employer and the people you serve. This leads to greater income, which allows you to possibly make enough money so you don't need to work that 5th day of the week - If you have the flexibility to do that, which is becoming a trend and more normal these days.

The 4-Day Entrepreneur is all about starting your own entrepreneurial adventure and business - as a freelancer, solopreneur, outside consultant or something similar. I started as a consultant by working with the companies I used to work with as an employee.

It requires great self-awareness about what you do best, the ability to focus on those things, and willingness to invest your time there. You can do activities where you're worth $50, $75, $100, $125 an hour or more - whatever is a high amount for you. It requires the courage to let go of the security of a job.

You might worked towards this at night while you keep a job or you might quit your job and start from scratch. You must have the determination to stick with it until it succeeds, which sometimes, financially, is a difficult thing to do. If it's planned well and realistically, and you keep moving step-by-step, you're going to be a lot more likely to succeed than if you simply quit everything suddenly because you saw some course or some coaching program or some guy or gal said you'd earn a fortune.

The 4th step is the 4-Day Business Owner, which is all about maximizing and leveraging team member (employee) productivity.

The first thing you've got to be able to do this is have a great sense of PURPOSE.

·         Nobody wants to be leveraged.

·         Stephen Covey said we need to lead people and manage systems.

·         Nobody wants to feel like they're being taken advantage of or used for somebody else's income or way of life.

·         But if there's a greater purpose to what you're about and everybody's part of that purpose, it's easier to get people engaged in and committed to that.

·         The purpose helps make sure everybody's benefiting from your work: the client, the employee, and the business owner.

If you're going to be a successful business owner, it also requires great FILTERING.

·         It is critical for the business owner to know what type of activities, clients, projects, and situations they need to be involved in that are the highest-dollar activities.

·         To use the dentist as an example, the dentist knows he or she does the root canals, the cavities, and other higher impact, higher income activities that require a higher level skill set.

·         The dentist can't hide and say, "I'm just going to do teeth cleanings," because the hygienists, by definition, don't know how to do the highest impact / highest skilled work, and the receptionist doesn't either.

·         So there's a sense of clarity of who does what.

·         With that knowledge, the successful dentist filters clients, projects, and opportunities based on the talents available and who does which work best.

There must be effective MENTORING to effectively filter opportunities.

·         If you're going to filter certain pieces and say, "I'm the dentist. I do the root canals, cavities and other tough stuff,”

·         You still need somebody to do the teeth cleanings, and other day-to-day tasks & activities.

·         For that to be successful, you need to be able to mentor others and make sure they maintain a certain level of quality work that meets your standards.

Finally, DELEGATION is the reward for being able to focus on your purpose while filtering and mentoring effectively... a source of personal freedom… and a potential multiplier of income, growth & scale.

·         If I have a good sense of PURPOSE…

·         And I can FILTER clients, projects and opportunities accurately…

·         Plus, I MENTOR my team members well…

·         Then I get to DELEGATE, and have team members do the lower impact, lower dollar activities.

·         These tasks are still important, but they're things that aren't as difficult and don't require my level of expertise or experience to do…

·         So I can share those opportunities with others.

This is what’s at the heart of being a successful 4-Day Business Owner.



So that's a little bit about the 4-Day Work Week Journey

     Evolving from a 4-Day Apprentice (taking care of what you already have)…

          to a 4-Day Worker (getting bigger results and making more money)…

               to a 4-Day Entrepreneur – (creating a higher hourly income and starting your own business)…

to a 4-Day Business Owner – (leveraging team members' time and talents to serve a greater purpose, help the clients, and make more money and more opportunity for everybody).

If you'd like to learn more about creating a 4-Day Work Week lifestyle, go to .

In the meanwhile, please share this with your friends and people you think could benefit from it.

As always, I look forward to helping you Make More Money… In Less Time, Doing What You Do Best so you can create a 4-day work week for you and those you love most.   Thank you.


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