The 4-Day Work Week Entrepreneur


Most entrepreneurs started their businesses so they could have more...

  1. Money
  2. Time
  3. Freedom

Unfortunately for most, getting all 3 can be very difficult.

In this video, I'll show you how you can get and keep all 3.

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4-DAY ENTREPRENEURs focus on how to unlock their genius and maximize income.

They share 4 common qualities.

First, they have a tremendous amount of SELF-AWARENESS.

·         Successful entrepreneurs understand what they’re good at and what they're not good at.

·         There are certain things that we're horrible at, things we're okay at, and things we're ridiculously awesome at.

·         Being aware of what those things are makes it much more likely that you can be successful.

Second, they have the COURAGE to trade guarantees and stability for possibilities and freedom.

·         True entrepreneurs would rather work for themselves and make less money than work for someone else and make more.

Third, successful entrepreneurs have great DETERMINATION because failure is a regular occurrence.

·         Over 90% plus of small businesses fail over a 10-year period because people often aren’t aware of how much time and persistence it takes to be successful.

Leveraging keen SELF-AWARENESS, consistent FOCUS, constant COURAGE and persistent DETERMINATION, 4-Day Entrepreneurs create their own path in the business world while still making time to create a life outside of work that is as abundant and inspiring as their results inside work.

Watch the video above for the full lesson so that you can start to create and maintain a  #4DayWorkWeek !

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Hi, Wade Galt here, author of Put Your Money Where Your Soul Is and creator of the 4-Day Work Week coaching program where we help people work a 4-day work week and create the lifestyle they most desire inside and outside work.

In this video series, we've been talking about the 4-Day Work Week Journey , how you take the natural steps in working towards having a 4-day work week. And we talked about there being four main stages, being an apprentice, then a worker, an entrepreneur, and then a business owner.

When we talked about The 4-Day Apprentice, we talked about how important it was to manage what you already have - making the most of your relationships, the time that you're doing activities you want to do, your money and not over-investing in things that set you back in your journey.

As a 4-Day Worker, we talked about it being all about you making more money by maximizing personal productivity… starting with value creation… and being extremely valuable to both your employer and the people you serve. Helping get such high results that you increase your income naturally which leads to flexibility to where you don't need to work five days to earn the income to live the lifestyle you want. And then hopefully, perhaps, you approach the boss and say, “Hey, I'm making enough money, is it okay if I get the results in less time and simply work the hours and the days necessary to get those results?”

The next step is to be a 4-DAY ENTREPRENEUR.

This is where you really unlock your genius and your hourly income.

Some people will stay happily as a 4-day worker because they'll have an employment situation where the boss says, “I get how valuable you are. Let me make this as nice and as smooth as possible. I don't want you going anywhere.”

And you might say, well, “I've already got the freedom, I've got the flexibility, you know, my name is not on the door but it doesn't really matter.

On the other hand there'll be situations where you say, “You know what, I'm ready now, I want this to ultimately be about me.”

This could be something you start working on at night while you're a worker.

This could be something where you quit your job altogether and start something brand new.

Or maybe you got laid off or something changed and all of a sudden now you're wondering what you’re going to do next.

So, this does not have to be an all or nothing proposition.

You could be a 4-day worker in the day and start working as an entrepreneur in the evening.

Let's look at the main things that happen with a 4-Day Entrepreneur.

The first thing is they've got a tremendous amount of SELF-AWARENESS.

·         Perhaps the most important part of that is understanding what you're good at and what you're not good at.

·         There are certain things that we're horrible at, things we're okay at, and things we're ridiculously awesome at.

·         Being aware of what those things are makes it much more likely that you can be successful, not only as a 4-day worker… but in life and as you start to create an entrepreneurial venture or a business of your own.

Once you get clear about what it is you do best and what you're just absolutely awesome at, we've got to make sure it’s something that can generate income if you're going to be an entrepreneur.

·         As you get clearer on that you're going to start realizing there are other things you’re not as good at but they still need to get done.

·         So, if I'm great with sales, customer service still needs to get done but I might say, “I'm going to FOCUS on the sales part and I'm going to see how I can involve other people, outsource or team members, so I'm doing what I do best.”

·         Maybe I work with companies where they say, “look we already have a service department, we just need you to be that sales person and you're an independent contractor, you do as you like.”

A lot of this takes not only the focus, it takes the COURAGE to say, “I'm going to give up some of these things that provide steadiness.”

·         Let's say I worked at a car dealership in the service department, and I'm getting my hourly income to work in the service department.

·         I tell the owner of the car dealership, “I'd really like to be in sales.”

·         That person's going to say, “Okay, you're going to be in sales, but whenever you're in sales you don't get that $10, or $15 bucks, or $20 bucks an hour, because you're selling.”

·         Now when you make a sale, you'll get this huge income or percentage of the sale but you're not getting any guarantees.

·         So there's a lot of courage needed.

·         The same thing goes when you say, “I'm going to leave the steadiness of a job that's paying me a certain amount to start my own situation.”

·         It takes a lot of courage to do that.

It also takes a lot of DETERMINATION because you are going to fail.

·         There's a reason why 90% plus of small businesses fail over a 10-year period.

·         The majority of the reason is because people just really weren't aware of how much time it was going to take.

·         They weren't aware that it takes usually at least three to five years for a business to get going, successful and profitable.

·         They thought that because they had a great idea that it was just going to take off.

And most of the times, and any of you who have been business owners for more than 10 years or 15 years know that there's also cycles. You have moments where, you're just on top of things and you're doing it and things are working really well and there's other times where they're not.

So being able to be AWARE about what you do best, FOCUS on that knowing you're going to need the COURAGE to let go of some of the things you're not as good at and the DETERMINATION to stick with it to make sure you're successful is a huge part of the journey as a 4-Day Entrepreneur.



So that's the third step in the 4-Day Work Week Journey.

If you'd like to learn more about creating a 4-Day Work Week lifestyle, go to .

In the next video we will go over the fourth step, the 4-Day Business Owner.

As always, I look forward to helping you Make More Money… In Less Time, Doing What You Do Best so you can create a 4-day work week for you and the people you love to enjoy.   Thank you.