The 4-Day Worker


Many people want to create a 4-Day Work Week lifestyle, but they don't know where to start.

In this video, we'll discuss how you can Maximize Personal Productivity, Results and Income to create Flexibility and set yourself up to work as a 4-Day Work Week employee for someone else (or eventually start your own work).

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In this video, we’ll explore what it means to be a 4-Day Worker.

The 4-DAY WORKER focuses on making more money by creating bigger results.

The goal is to create a situation where my employer lets me work a 4-day work week, and I still make enough money to afford my desired lifestyle.

Everything starts with VALUE CREATION.

As your ability to create greater value goes up, your INCOME naturally goes up. And with more income, FLEXIBILITY becomes an option.

You become indispensable to the business.

Becoming a 4-Day Worker requires thinking like an entrepreneur, even if you never decide to run your own business. It’s all about maximizing your personal productivity so as you're creating more value and getting more results, you're earning more income, which gives you the flexibility to no longer need to work a five day work week.

We want it to be where you get the results that create the flexibility.  So whether you proactively ask (your employer) or if it comes up that you're offered, then you can say, “Yes, I can work a 4-day work week. I'm making enough money.”

That's the second stage in the 4-Day Work Week Journey.

Watch the video above for the full lesson so that you can start to create and maintain a  #4DayWorkWeek !

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Hi, Wade Galt here, author of Put Your Money Where Your Soul Is and creator of the 4-Day Work Week coaching program where we help people create the work and the lifestyle that allows them to work a 4-Day Work Week and enjoy life inside and outside of work.

In this video series we've been talking about the 4-Day Work Week Journey .

In the first video we talked about the steps from becoming an apprentice, to being a 4-day worker, a 4-day entrepreneur, and a 4-day business owner. We discussed how these are the natural steps or progression if you want to do this in a fundamentally sounds and more likely to succeed way.

In the second video (The 4-Day Apprentice) we talked about being a 4-day apprentice and how that was all about maximizing your life outside of work by making the most of the relationships you already have. The time that's already available to you. The money that's already available to you. Knowing that with each of those three things, if you do well with what you already have you'll do well when you have more. And if you waste what you already have, you'll most likely waste it when you have more. And then finally that fourth piece, the things, are things and material possessions. Those things that simply support you in what you're doing. Are they dominating your life and making you need to work more for the other things, which on the other side then takes away your ability to have a lot of time available for the activities and relationships you find most valuable and you enjoy most.

In this third section, we're going to talk about this second step, the 4-DAY WORKER.

·         This is all about maximizing personal productivity.

So where as the apprentice was all about really more optimizing or making the most of what you already have... And saying okay I already have a certain income and I'm going to make the most of it.

·         The worker is now all about making more money.

·         And so there's a few things that a worker does that allows this to happen.

And as a worker, I'm assuming you’re an employee. You're working for somebody but you want to put yourself closer to that 4-day work week. And you say, “I'm already working as an apprentice. I'm making the most of my relationships. I'm optimizing my time. I'm doing good productive things with my time and my money. I'm not spending too much money on things I don't need. So now what I'm going to do is focus on getting myself in a situation where perhaps my employer might let me work a 4-day work week and still keep me employed. So how would I do that?”

The first thing is everything starts with VALUE CREATION. And what I mean by that is being able to create value for your employer and for the clients that you work with or the people who you serve.

There's a saying in small business that small business owners say that when you hire somebody you hire people to do one of two things or both - to make you money and or to make you happy.

So sometimes value creation might be all about you helping the client so well…. (the people that your company serves, the clients, the users, whatever words you use)… and you help them so much that you make money for the business.

At the same time you might do such a good job making the business owner happy by making their life easier…

·         Taking tough things off their plate. Keeping harmony in the office. Being an office manager.

·         Whatever it might be.

·         In essence you create a certain level of value to because you're creating so much value you're creating huge results that happen as a result of that.

·         Clients are happy. More of them are coming in. They're sending in referrals.

·         Your boss, the business owner, is able to take more vacation time because of you…

·         And they know it's because of you.

So you're helping them get results and that's leading for you to be able to make more income because the boss is realizing, “Wow, I don't want to lose this person! I'm going to pay this person more money.”

Or if you're helping the clients directly and selling things or you're involved in value based services, the clients are saying, “We're going to invest with you more. You're doing so well for us.”

Your INCOME naturally goes up, and with more income then all of a sudden now FLEXIBILITY becomes an option.

Because you're saying I really only need $40,000 a year, as an example to make math simple.

When I first started out in this job I was making $40,000 dollars and it was taking me five days to do that.

Now I’ve figured out how to make $40,000 in 4-days.

So now I really don't need to work that fifth day.

If the boss will let me… and if I say to the boss, “Hey boss I'm getting the results you asked for. Do you really care if I'm sitting in the chair keeping it warm or do you care about the sales and or the results that I'm getting that are measurable?

And the boss says, “That (the result) is what's making me money and getting me to take free time. So let's go with those RESULTS.”

So as the 4-day worker it's all about creating a situation where you become so valuable…. there's a word it's called indispensable. People can't do without you to the point where the business owner says, “It really doesn't matter to me if you work 4-days or not. As long as you're getting the results. I'll gladly have you work a 4-day work week and I'll gladly help you get paid accordingly.”

So if you're in a sales position and you're paid off of results from sales, or maybe it's part sales part some other things. But bottom line being able to demonstrate to the business owner that you're worth that.

A lot of it requires thinking like an entrepreneur, which is why the third step is so important. Even if you never decide to run your own business. This is really what it is all about - maximizing your personal productivity so as you're creating more value and you're getting more results, you're earning more income. And that gives you the flexibility to say I don't need to work a five day work week.

A lot of times I'll talk with people who are in jobs where they can work any hours they want and I'll say, “Why don't you take off this day?”

They’ll say, “Wade, I need the hours.”               

Listen to that language. “I need the hours.”  What they really need is the income, but because hours (to them) equal income. Results don't equal income. Hours equal income…. They say “I need the hours. “

We want it to be where you need the results… and you get the results that creates that flexibility… so whether you proactively ask (your employer) or if it comes up that you're offered, then you can say, “Yes, I can work a 4-day work week. I'm making enough money.”

As an apprentice, I'm stewarding my money. I'm taking care of my money. I'm making the most of my relationships, my time, my money and my things.

And as a worker I'm getting the results through value creation which is creating more income and flexibility for me.  So that's the second step in the 4-day work week journey.


If you'd like to learn more about creating a 4-Day Work Week lifestyle, go to .

As always, we look forward to helping you Make More Money… In Less Time, Doing What You Do Best so you can create a 4-day work week for you and the people you love to enjoy. 

Thank you.