The 5 Big Benefits of Being a 4-Day Work Week Parent


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Here, we’re going to talk about how a 4-Day Work Week Lifestyle can help you to be a better parent and a happier person. There’s a lot you can get done on a Friday when you’re not at work, whether it’s being more present with your partner, enjoying some alone time, or just doing errands so you have more time off during the weekend.

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Do you ever find yourself listening to one of your kids, and they're talking to you and they're telling you something that's very important to them, but halfway through you realize you're not really present in the way you wish you were?

There's this little voice that goes off in your head that says, “Man, I wish I was a better parent. I should be listening to my kids more.” This person's trying to tell you something that's hugely important to them, but at the same time you're like, “Oh my God, I just can't take this anymore. I can't just be a parent. I need to have some sort of identity of my own.”

Well, the good news is, if you can create a 4-Day Work Week lifestyle, and if you can get more free time for yourself, you might be able to solve this issue. In fact, there are 5 main ways that working a 4-Day Work Week has helped me be both a better parent and a happier person.

The 5 Benefits of Being a 4-Day Work Week Parent

1) Friday is Our Day

On Friday, I'm not Francisco's dad foremost, and my wife is not Luna's mom first. As long as the kids are in school I'm Wade. My wife gets to be Rosanna. It's pretty awesome. We get to be ourselves. We get to do things we enjoy.

People will try to tell you that you need to grow up and once you have responsibilities, you need to put the past behind you. But there are certain things I still like doing, even though I’m grown up and I have responsibilities. I still like going to the beach.

I still like dating my wife. I like being able to have that kind of relationship. I don't want to just be my wife's parenting partner. I want to be that person that she remembers that we started dating. I want to be that, and being able to have Friday, whether it's me, by myself playing beach volleyball and getting to hang out with my friends, or whether it's us doing something as a couple, going to the beach.

I, or we, get to do our thing and that allows us a chance to recharge, so that when we come back on Saturday and Sunday and we're present with the kids, or even Friday night, we really have the energy. We've had the chance to recharge because we've been able to just be ourselves for a few hours.

2) If They Don't Leave, You Can't Miss Them

This is something I always tell my kids’ friends when it's time to go at the end of the play date and they're not ready to leave yet. I say, “Hey, if you don't leave, we can't miss you! See, how it works is you leave and we miss you, and then we want you to come back!” There was probably about a 5 or 6-year period where I was around my kids constantly. I wasn’t working a 4-Day Work Week. I wasn't taking time off. I wasn't taking care of my needs as an individual and I began to resent being around the kids and blaming them for things that weren't their fault. I thought I wasn’t happy because of them, or I didn’t have enough free time because of them.

But actually, I just wasn’t managing my time well. You need to get some time away from your kids to be able to want to be around your kids again. The same is true of your family, your friends, or pretty much anyone else.

3) School = A Guaranteed Babysitter Most Fridays

That is, during the day at least. This means you have time during the day, as long as you're not going somewhere really far, to be able to do things, either as an individual or as a couple, without worrying if you can afford a babysitter. You've already paid for it with your taxes or if you're paying for private school, it's there. The kids are being taken care of. They're as safe as they're going to be, and so you can just do your own thing because you have everything else taken care of.

It's a great way to have time uninterrupted and without worrying or freaking out about whether the kids are okay.

4) Errands Get Done a Lot Quicker on Fridays

Now, I personally don't like to do errands on Fridays, but if you have time on Fridays and you need to get certain things done, you might as well.

Most people are not out in the stores on Fridays. They're at work. So, getting things done happens a lot quicker. Once again, this frees you up to really have Saturday and Sunday be a true weekend, rather than spending Saturday running errands and going between kid stuff and Sunday just resting up for Monday, just to do it all over again.

5) You Can Truly Take the Day Off

What I mean by this is that people with kids very often say, “You know what? I just need time. I just need a day, where I don’t have work, or errands, or even too much fun stuff to do. I just want to relax.”

Having the freedom to not have an agenda, to just spend some time relaxing, is a very important part of the 4-Day Work Week lifestyle.

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Being Present for Your Kids

All of this is about being able to be a better parent by being more present for your kids. There's a window to enjoying time with your kids. In what feels like no time, they’ll reach an age where they don’t want to talk to you as much, or to hang out with you, so make sure you’re making the most of the time when they do. But that isn’t going to happen if you don’t get a break from them, and a chance to just be yourself. You’ll come back more energized and more enthusiastic, trust me.

I hope you find this episode helpful. If you’re not working a 4-Day Work Week yet, there are a couple ways you can get there, whether you're an entrepreneur, an employee or a business owner. It all starts with having some sort of a plan. You have to have some method to decide and plan how you're going to do that.

If you go to, you’ll find everything you need to create your free 4-Day Work Week Game Plan. It took me 22 years, but with a plan, it shouldn’t take you that long. I started trying to work a 4-Day Work Week way back when there was a lot less technology. Freelancing was a lot more difficult. Working from home was a lot less common. Today that's all changed. There are so many different ways you can get there.

Go ahead and go to if you want to create your own game plan and send me any questions or comments you might have. If there's anything I can help you with, let me know.

As always, I look forward to helping you make more money and less time doing what you do best so you can create the life you most desire for you, your friends, your family, and your loved ones.


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