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Have you ever had an awesome 3-day weekend and thought, "Wow! I'd like to do this all the time!"?

It took me 22 years to get to the point where I could consistently lock in 3-day weekends, but now I have them all the time.

In this series I will share with you the tips and strategies that I learned along the way so that you can earn more money in less time, allowing you to spend more time doing what you love. 

This will be done as both a podcast and as a video series.

In this first episode, we will outline the 4 Stages most successful 4-day work week entrepreneurs go through on their way to creating a SUSTAINABLE 4-day work week lifestyle.

Watch the video above (or listen or read below) for the full lesson so you can start to create and maintain a  #4DayWorkWeek




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Have you ever had an awesome 3-day weekend and thought, "Wow! I'd like to do this all the time!"?

It took me 22 years to get to the point where I could consistently lock in 3-day weekends, but now I have them all the time.

In this series I will share with you the tips and strategies that I learned along the way so that you can earn more money in less time, allowing you to spend more time doing what you love. 

My name is Wade Galt. I help entrepreneurs and employees create a 4-DAY WORK WEEK LIFESTYLE. In this video series and podcast, I'm going to share my best tips and strategies to help create your own four-day work week lifestyle.

When I talk to most people about this, it sounds like a very far-off goal, and for me it was too.

But don’t worry! Along the way I learned some smart strategies and important lessons that helped me to move forward. By using the tools that I am about to teach you, it should not take you 22 years to be able to create a lifestyle like that for yourself.

Of course, if you already own your own business, working a four-day work week can happen a lot quicker if you're already earning close to the income that you need. Then it's just a matter of managing your time and priorities, which can happen very quickly.

In fact, many of the entrepreneurs I've worked with have been able to get from 60 or 70 hours down to a four-day work week in less than two months. This was because they had things set up already that they simply weren't taking advantage of.

Other people follow the path closer to mine, where I started out as an EMPLOYEE. I was doing a great job, but I didn’t have the timed freedom I wanted. Even when I gained more timed freedom in my job, but I still was tied to this five-day work week, because this was 20-something years ago, and flexi-time was still very rare.

People and businesses weren’t measuring results based on productivity, but rather on how long you sat in a chair. So when I started my own business, I first had to figure out how to make enough money, and then how to take the time off.

When I first started, things were really simple. I was a single guy and I just wanted to figure out how to make about $40,000 -$50,000 a year in four days a week. I'd already figured out the $50,000-plus a year in the corporate world, and doing some consulting and then creating a little software business didn't make it too difficult to do that.

But within a year and a half, I met the woman who would become my wife, Rossana, who is extremely awesome. When I met her I realized, "Oh wow! $50,000 a year ain't going to cut it if I want this woman to be my wife."

I had to start thinking. How could I balance making enough money with having a time to enjoy life? I knew from experience that money alone wasn't the answer to happiness. I'd seen plenty of people make a lot of money, and some of them were happy and some weren't.

While I’m definitely a huge fan of money, for me having more money is about creating more value for people. This was not about not wanting money, but rather not wanting more money if it cost me time with my family and time to enjoy my life.

What I'm going to do in this series is share with you some very practical and simple steps, tips and strategies of how you can get to having a four-day work week, every week.

Regardless of whether you're an EMPLOYEE or an ENTREPRENEUR, if you have the drive to really improve your productivity, you should be able to achieve this goal. The stages are all the same for everyone.


In fact, some people, when they become entrepreneurs, will try to skip the first two steps, but because they've not mastered the fundamentals, they still end up working 50, 60, 70 hours a week consistently.

To be clear, in every sustainable business venture that I've seen—and by sustainable I mean lasting at least 10, 15, 20 years—you're usually not going to build a business model in three to six months.

Sometimes people will present a new technique that they claim made them a huge amount of money in only a couple of years, but what they usually forget to mention is the huge amount of fieldwork they did before that. They’re only talking about the breakthrough that pushed them over the top.

None of this is going to happen overnight, but if you work hard on this, it can happen. It took me 22 years, but now I'm in my mid-forties and I work a four-day work week. On Fridays I'm at the beach playing volleyball, and I'm enjoying more time with my family and my friends. Yet I'm still creating huge value for my clients, and still making a solid contribution to society.

My main focus is: how can I create a life that's worth living? While some people like to focus on this concept of, "Work hard today, and tomorrow you'll be able to live an amazing experience,” that's not how I like to do things. I want to live that amazing experience today.

I've met many people who dream of being something great: a famous athlete or performer, but because of an injury or because of life, it just didn’t work out. My questions is, "Well, did you enjoy the process?"

The key is to  enjoy the PROCESS, the JOURNEY, and the RESULT. If I’m doing something to get to a result that might not happen, I'd rather make sure that along the way I'm enjoying every single day.

I tell my kids, "If every day of life you have a good day, you're a happy person, you enjoy yourself, you're going to have a happy life." It's really that straightforward.

In this series of videos, posts and podcasts, I'm going to share these specific tips with you. I'm also going to refer you to my website, where you can access the TOOLS and the FREE COACHING MATERIALS that will help you start working towards creating your 4-day work week lifestyle.

To begin the first step, which I call the 4-DAY WORK WEEK APPRENTICE, you don't even need to leave your job.

But even before you do that, I have a strategy which I call the 4-DAY WORK WEEK GAME PLAN. You can sign up at 4daygameplan.com, where you’ll find a FREE MINI COACHING PROGRAM that will show you how you create your four-day work week game plan, regardless of whether you're an employee or an entrepreneur.

In future videos, podcasts, and blog posts, I will share with you the specific steps and content that I use on my coaching programs.

My goal is to help over four million people, specifically 4,444,444 people or more, to work a four-day work week and to enjoy doing it.

I've seen what a difference it makes for me in my life. I'm a better father because of it. I have more time to be present with my kids. I'm a happier person. I have more time to enjoy my life. I'm a better husband, and I have more energy to help around the house.

In creating a life that you're enjoying, the exact amount of time you work is not important. Maybe you want to just work the hours that your kids are in school, or cut down from 40 hours to 30. It’s all about what works for you: the strategies are going to work regardless, so you can decide on the specifics.

To get started immediately, go to 4daygameplan.com. You can also visit our regular website, 4dayworkweek.com, to learn more about what we're up to.

In other videos, I go into greater depth on the four stages in the 4-Day Work Week Journey:

(1) The 4-Day Work Week Apprentice

(2) The 4-Day Worker

(3) The 4-Day Entrepreneur

(4) The 4-Day Business Owner

I hope you got a lot out of this information. Feel free to share this post with your friends via the links below, subscribe to the podcast or subscribe to the videos.

Make sure to let me know whatever I can do to help you move forward, via the comments section or through social media.

I look forward to helping you Make More Money… In Less Time, Doing What You Do Best as you start creating your 4-day work week lifestyle: the lifestyle that allows you to make the most of time with your friends, your family, your loved ones, and yourself.


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