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EFFORT Entrepreneurs vs. IMPACT Entrepreneurs



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If you listen to some of the more popular thought leaders in the entrepreneurial space, you'll hear some of them talk a lot about effort, hustle, and grind. You'll also hear others talk about quality of life, impact, and meeting client needs. People can get easily get caught up wondering which is better, or which is right.

Here, we’re going to go over each viewpoint, and how each one can help you to maximize your results, whether you're an entrepreneur, an employee who wants to become an entrepreneur, or an employee who simply wants to get paid more, or a business owner who wants to grow your business.

Effort vs. Impact

When you look at effort versus impact, some people believe that effort and hard work alone are the primary keys to success and wealth. Certainly, there are some examples of this being true, and there are some people that just work so hard that they eventually figure things out.

Then there are others who...

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The 2 Types of Work You Want to Be Doing



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Have you ever found that there are some types of work that you like doing, but there are other types of work you don't like doing?

If you've had a career for any period of time and ever worked in a role where you have to do multiple tasks, you've probably found that you like doing some of them more than others.

One of the most important things that I've found to make my career and my time more enjoyable is to focus on the work I really enjoy.

Years ago, I did a project on retirement for a career counseling course that was part of my master’s degree in psychology. I asked lots of people what their definition of retirement was, and when they thought they’d get there. One man’s answer really struck me.

He told me, "Wade, I'm already retired. By my definition, I'm doing what I want with my time, I'm helping people manage their money, their funds, I’m helping them create the finances for their goals and their kids'...

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My Members Only/Generation One Jacket



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Have you ever wanted something just so badly you had to have it? Everybody else had it, so why couldn’t you have it?

You thought about the thing you wanted, and maybe even prayed about it, and you asked your parents, or you asked the universe, or you asked God, “Can I have this?” But even though you asked with all your heart, you didn’t get it. Have you ever gone through that?

My Members Only Jacket

For me, that was my Members Only jacket. Any of you that grew up in the ‘80s probably know what a Members Only jacket was. It was just a windbreaker: nothing very fancy, but it had a little tag that said it's Members Only.

All the cool kids had one, all the kind-of-cool kids had one, even all the dorky kids had one, but I didn't have one. This was one of the only things I think in life that I ever really wanted in this way.

I begged my Mom for one, in any color, but she told me “Wade, these things cost like...

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Think Like a Freelancer



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Do you remember how it felt when you got your first pay check?

If you were a kid and all your expenses were already taken care of, it might have felt kind of like bonus money that you’d found. If you were working because you had to work, it might have been just something else that would help you take care of the bills or do what you had to do.

Thinking Like a Freelancer

One of the things I found is that when people can think like a freelancer, they can really tap into the best way to understand how you think like a 4-Day Work Week person. If you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner, thinking like a freelancer might simplify the way you think. If you're an employee, it might raise the bar a little bit on how you think. It really just comes down to a couple of basic premises.

1) Freelancers Work for Fun, Purpose, and Freedom

I remember my first pay check. I was 9...

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The 5 Big Benefits of Being a 4-Day Work Week Parent



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Do you ever find yourself listening to one of your kids, and they're talking to you and they're telling you something that's very important to them, but halfway through you realize you're not really present in the way you wish you were?

There's this little voice that goes off in your head that says, “Man, I wish I was a better parent. I should be listening to my kids more.” This person's trying to tell you something that's hugely important to them, but at the same time you're like, “Oh my God, I just can't take this anymore. I can't just be a parent. I need to have some sort of identity of my own.”

Well, the good news is, if you can create a 4-Day Work Week lifestyle, and if you can get more free time for yourself, you might be able to solve this issue. In fact, there are 5 main ways that working a 4-Day Work Week has helped me be both a better parent and...

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The Price of Our Vices



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What are your vices costing you in terms of money, time, happiness, and freedom?

When we look at how we live our lives, there are a couple different ways we can do things. If we have very few vices in our lives, we can earn our income in less time. We have time to enjoy life and get our rest, which means we don't need external things to satisfy us as much. I've found that when I’m working a 4-Day Work Week, the more I'm taking time off, the less I need vices to help me do things or get over things.

By vices, I don’t necessarily mean anything terrible. I mean the things that most of us use in some form or fashion, like smoking, alcohol, drugs, coffee, energy drinks, fried foods, highly processed foods, or refined sugar. I know I've got a couple on that list.

I call them vices because they’re not good for us, not because they’re mortal sins or anything like that. But we know these things aren't helping us get what...

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Redefining Retirement



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When I say the word “retirement” to you, what do you think of? Are you scared? Are you excited? Are you thinking that's never going to happen? Are you wondering what the heck you're going to do with your free time?

What Does Retirement Mean to You?

One of the things I’ve found over the years, and it started way back when I was working on my master's degree in psychology, was that so many people have extremely different definitions of what retirement is.

I remember I asked somebody what his definition of retirement was, and this gentleman was about 30 years old at the time. His definition was helping his clients find the right financial service products for their families and being able to enjoy life while he did that. Then he said, “Actually, by that definition, I'm already pretty much retired. I'm grateful for the life I have, I'm doing well, and I'm...

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The 2,156 Day Problem



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If I told you there was a way you could add 6 more years to your life, would that interest you?

6 Extra Years

Six years is about a little under 2,156 Fridays. When I talk to people about working a 4-Day Work Week and how important that is and what a big difference it can make in their lives, they often agree it would be nice, but lack a sense of urgency.

In this post, we’re going to go over something that I hope will get you moving towards a 4-Day Work Week, or a similar lifestyle, with a sense of urgency and purpose. Without that, it's not going to happen, so this is a really critical point to understand.

I call this the 2,156-Day Problem, but it could just as easily be the 2,156-Day Opportunity, depending on how you look at it. It’s based on average numbers for the United States. The average U.S. worker works 49 work weeks per year, with 15 paid vacation and/or sick...

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4 Steps to a 4-Day Work Week for Entrepreneurs



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If I offered you 10 million dollars to learn a new language completely in one day, could you do it?

What if I offered you that same 10 million to learn a language completely over a five-year period? Does that sound a little more doable? If you could get that 10 million dollars, and although you knew you’d have to work for it, but you couldn’t make it happen in a day, would you go for it?

A 4-Day Work Week Is Worth Waiting For

I want you to take that same logic and apply it to working a 4-Day Work Week. This counts whether you're an employee or an entrepreneur, but I'm going to speak even more specifically to the entrepreneurs who are already making enough money, or let's say 80%-90% of the income they need to be making.

I have coaching clients that have paid me to help them work a 4-Day Work Week. I have other clients from my software company who have seen the ideas I share...

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The 4-Day Entrepreneur Order of Operations



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Are you an entrepreneur who started your own business so you could have more income and more freedom? And have you reached those objectives yet? Or are they simply things you might like to do in the future?

The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

Many entrepreneurs I've talked to have figured out how earn as much as they need, and how to earn additional income. However, most of them have not figured out how to turn that income into a better lifestyle – and how to get more freedom for themselves.

It’s easy to get caught in a trap: you’re a small business owner, and as the business gets more successful, you make more money. But you also have more clients, more responsibility, and more people counting on you. Life becomes crazy. You can’t let go of clients, because if you don’t have enough clients, you don’t make enough money. But if you have too many clients,...

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