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Entrepreneur Academy Online + 4 Private Coaching Calls


  • 8-Week Online Training Program
  • Strategy Videos, Best Practices & Implementation Tools
  • 4 Private Coaching Calls to Help You Implement
  • Private Facebook Group for Entrepreneur Academy Members
  • Lifetime Access to Online Program
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - 100% Money-Back Guarantee for Any Reason – No Questions Asked

What People Are Saying:

“4-Day Work Week Academy is a highly recommended online program. It massively helped me to restructure my business, my services, and my target audience. Your videos and exercises make me think deeper and find solutions to improve my journey to earn better results with less effort. I recommend this to all those who are looking for a high quality personal and business development program. Thank you Wade Galt, for your personal support and for giving me this opportunity to get to the next level.”

Maria Papazoglou - Certified Career & Life Coach, Corporate Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner

“I am a certified life coach who helps moms achieve success in their business and family life. I invested 8 weeks in Wade’s online group version of 4-Day Work Week Entrepreneur Academy. I learned how to track my time and analyze what it was I was doing to see if it was serving my business’ primary purpose. I was very surprised to find out I had a lot of wasted time, not just at work, but in my family life as well. We were lacking fun, and my kids were just so happy when I started to make changes with Wade’s help. I went from working 70 hours a week to working just 40 hours a week in only four or five days instead of seven. Being a mom with kids in school, sometimes it was five days, but it was only during school hours. I used to miss out on so much, but now I have time to be there, to do the hot lunches for my kids, to help out with their concerts, movie nights, and do all those things that are so important to us moms. By focusing on the friendships, clients and things that really match my values, my gifts and my calling, I was able to let go of all those relationships that were not serving me. It freed up my energy and my time, so I could be more present and be so much better. 4-Day Work Week Academy can help you free up time, increase your productivity, increase your finances and improve the relationships with your loved ones.”

Gina Johnson - Life Coach, Podcast Host, Mother & Entrepreneur

“I've transformed how I'm going to be doing my business. I've known Wade for quite some time and I have to say that he is a man of integrity and he is an extraordinarily successful and spiritually based entrepreneur with a heart of gold. Wade teaches you how to do your business in 4 days so you have balance. You're not in the constant state of work, work, work. As an entrepreneur, we can work too many hours if we don't set boundaries around our personal lives. The way he has you do your business and structure your life, truly creates a freedom based lifestyle around your work and gives you the nurturing and the balance that will create longevity so you can share your message for a long time to come.”

Devi Adea - Entrepreneur, Coach, Author & Podcast Host

“Working 4 days, I'm able to have another additional 3 days to balance, not just making money and earning money but making an impact on other people's lives. Being in the office 4 days a week, does not mean I'm less profitable, I'm actually able to make more money in less time. I get to be in my business and enjoy my life when I'm not at work. Wade is a brilliant guy. He's very thoughtful, very purposeful, and very dynamic in his materials. You're going to get more than you ever thought for. He over delivers. If you're even thinking about doing it, just step in, take the course, do what's necessary, then make the evaluation. Most people are always looking for the newest, shiniest object, the magic bullet to make their business run best. This is not a magic bullet, but what this does do, is provide a lot of clarity and focus.”

Larry Hall - Small Business Owner, Insurance Agent & Father

“This helped me to identify some areas of my life where I can start doing some other things that would open up space for creativity and space for rest and relaxation, those things that, as entrepreneurs (specifically passionate entrepreneurs), we can often forget about or put on the back burner. Wade's incredibly high energy. He has tons of ideas, and he's really creative in the way that he keeps you engaged with what he's sharing. I know he's been doing this for a really long time so he's seen a lot of these systems play out for different types of business owners. He's very helpful in providing those unique insights that I don't think I've seen in many other places or from any other experts. I would definitely recommend this to any entrepreneur who is maybe like me and struggling to set those boundaries for themselves.”

AnnMarie Rose - Entrepreneur and Marketing & Branding Expert